Welcome to the Re-launch of Lizzie's Pearls. I know I have been under construction for some time.. but I am Back!!
Dress found here Eshakti

This re-launch doesn't just come with a fancy new page. I plan to use the blog to empower all women of all types of sizes. I plan to post healthy TRUE recipes ones my family have tried. I also plan to post vacations, restaurants, fashion, ideas from my followers.
What I noticed is not a lot of bloggers post a fan favorites or a followers spotlight which is also something I plan to add to the blog.

                            Now that I have officially re-launched the blog.. I can talk about the party.

From left to right .. My sister, mom and I

     The party was hosted at a clubhouse in the area.. I had minimal décor to keep it classy and dedicated a table of sweets with my grandmothers picture. The colors were pink, yellow, and grey.
Weeks before the party I ordered a step and repeat backdrop for my photos. It was something I created with such pride. I thought really hard about what type of food to have. Then settled on southern food. Fried chicken, potato salad, and macaroni and cheese balls from "The Cheesecake Factory" may I say the food was a success. I received plenty of compliments on the food.

My favors for everyone was lemon citrus hand soap with pink ribbon and a personal single serving of banana pudding made by my sister. Special shout out to her. I had the raffle prizes and everyone was happy about that. Overall the party was a success.  It was thought of and planned in less than 3 months. I plan to use my resources and get my sewing techniques up to par to start marketing some of my clothes. Thanks to everyone who have supported my Blog and me.
Thanks to my family and friends who all came out to support me. It was greatly appreciated.

Lastly thanks to my grand mom Lizzie Ruth who was sending her reassuring messages to keep pressing. I know you are proud. I will always love u♡♡


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